The publishing house started in 2006, and then with a narrow issue of the book EATSweden. Since then, we have offered you to taste, enjoy and socialize in some of Sweden’s best restaurants and in recent years also spa facilities. Every year has been a success! Despite this, we choose to limit edition to 5000 copies and each book is exclusively numbered. We want you to feel you selected when you are sitting with a book in your hand. And offers quality before quantity.

Over the years, the concept and the issue has grown. Today’s concept for over 8 countries and 15 cities. The publication includes now also SPASweden based on the same concept but with the best spas.

2015 we broaden further and release even Rosa kokboken II and Granboken.

Jochen Schmelzer Jochen is originally from Germany and Benzer Publishing’s founder. He is a real gourmand and the restaurants he has not visited are easily counted. Jochen came up with the idea of the book EATSweden when he lived in Stockholm during a period. “I moved just in my little neighborhood like so many others, and though I wanted to discover Stockholm and its restaurant variety I often went to the same restaurant. I wanted the book to be as … Read More

Anna Benson Anna is a successful artist and author of several books and sold-out openings in the luggage. Basically she is a journalist and writes, among other things for the magazines Connoisseur and Lifestyle. Not too rarely about top restaurants around the world. Anna has a flair for gourmet cuisine and is a frequent guest in the Swedish restaurant jungle. Both at the gourmet as the small blocks hook. She is responsible for the restaurant books’ content and are always … Read More

Susanne Sperneder Susanne Sperneder is a registered nurse, working in palliative cancer care. Previously, she worked in fashion, purchasing, and tailoring. She is in charge of EATSweden’s new venture, EATSweden Vego. A vegetarian since 15 years, Susanne has a great interest in health, diet, and exercise. Wherever she travels in the world, she always looks for the best “green” restaurants.